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Interfacing with Apple News

December 10th, 2018

We just completed a really interested project here that involved connecting a WordPress website to Apple News.  While there are various plugins that help with that, what made this particular case challenging was that the website used the Advanced Custom – Read More

Upgrade to PHP 7.2 Before It’s Too Late

December 2nd, 2018

In roughly four weeks, WP Engine will start converting their users websites away from PHP 5.6 and PHP 7.0 and other hosting providers aren’t far behind. This change will affect almost 50% of WordPress websites, as those sites are still – Read More

Introducing Elevate for WordPress

September 19th, 2018

We recently released our very first WordPress plugin, Elevate SEO. Using it, you can modify information on a per-post or per-page basis that will help you obtain a higher search ranking. It will also handle all the complicated meta data – Read More

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Featured Portfolio Projects


With just a few clicks, WPtouch will automatically create and configure a dedicated, responsive version of your your WordPress website. The success of the free, open-source version of WPtouch eventually led to the development of a professional, paid version called WPtouch Pro.

Elevate SEO

Elevate is a brand new search engine and performance optimization plugin for WordPress. It was designed and built from scratch with the primary goal to make SEO more accessible to people who don't have a large SEO background.


WordTwit is a full-featured social-media plugin that integrates with Twitter, pushing published new content directly to your Twitter feeds. Wordtwit was previously voted the #3 plugin for all of WordPress in 2009, and eventually split into two versions, a free version and a professional one, WordTwit Pro.

Humpback Swims

World renowned photography Nadia Aly also spends a good chunk of her summer overseeing Humpback Whale tour groups in Tonga. We recently helped complete a full refresh of her website, including the addition of a new custom booking engine to tie into her third party booking service.

The Happy Gut

The Happy Gut

The Happy Gut is an online health-based group dedicated to exciting new area of research regarding the gut microbiota. They have a Facebook following of nearly 4,000 people across various countries, and typically send out a weekly newsletter to their subscribers.

Driven Audio

Driven Audio

We helped develop the original version of Driven Audio's website which included Flickr & YouTube functionality, an area to highlight recent car-audio installations, integrated Google maps functionality, a responsive mobile site, and more.